• 1. Knowledge of Emergency LightsWhat is an Emergency Light?The emergency light is a general term for emergency lighting lamps. Fire emergency lightingsystem is including emergency lighting, emergency exit signs and lights, if normal lighting inthe event of a fire, the power supply is cut off, to guide the trapped workers to evacuate orexpand fire fighting and rescue operations and settings. But in the day-to-day inspection wefound that there are many problems in the process of selection, installation and use of fireemergency lighting unit. There should be a reasonable choice of the emergency lightingsystem power supply control mode, wiring, do well routine maintenance work, all these willplay a direct impact on the role of the fire emergency lighting system.Types of Emergency LightsThere are many kinds of emergency lights, according to different functions and structures,emergency lights can be divided into the following common types: led emergency lights,portable emergency lights, fire emergency lights, the energy emergency lights, supplyemergency lights, underwater emergency lights, rechargeable emergency lights, solaremergency lights, multi-function emergency lights. DC fan DC-001 emergency lights, HX-628B rechargeable emergency lights, emergency lights HX-618C type, and HX-628D typerechargeable emergency lights.Installation and Maintenance of Emergency LightsFirst, in the engineering design, in order to facilitate normal maintenance and management,fire emergency exit light is best powered by the dedicated feeder circuits.Second, in order to ensure reliable fire emergency lighting power supply, power supply of theconditional should be supplied by the low-voltage substation emergency bus-section, thatWhen doing emergency power diesel generator sets, as long as the generator is put into use,it has the electric continue to ensure the power supply.Third, in the state of fire, smoke is close to the ground in less oxygen and more people wereevacuated instinct is to bend over or crawl, and therefore more effective local highillumination lighting bring the uniform illumination than the high-mounted. The so lowinstallation should be promoted, and that close to the ground or to provide evacuationemergency lighting at ground level.Fourth, the emergency lights are factory discharge status, and they must be carried out 20hours of charging before use.
  • 2. Fifth, the use of emergency lighting should conduct regular performance checks every twoweeks or a month through the continuous switching test, check circuit switching and batteryemergency functions and discharge, in order to extend battery life.This article is come from: